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Roots of magic

Feb 16, 2010
Ok, so, I've been thinking it would be cool if starting at level 75 (or some level, I don't know which one) you are called by a character from the game to do something for them. Normal right? It's just a quest. Nothing unusual there. However, they will make you get a Spiral Key from a boss. Still normal. But, the world it will take you to is where the roots of magic are. There will be an original wizard in each school of magic (at least the 7 main ones). As you level up, at certain levels they will give you quest for spells. Not big ones, we'll leave those to the professors in Wizard City. These will be more like the ones you get from Always After Me Charms. Weird spells that can come in handy. There will be quests throughout that world and other worlds to get them. I think that would be awesome. What do my fellow Wizards think? Let me know and reply!

Blaze BattleDreamer, 76