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Roming Pets and Mounts!! At Homes

Feb 14, 2009
I Think you should let pets and mounts Rome around your house. Like let 3 pets outside your house and let 1 inside. mounts should be 1 mount outside only

Apr 22, 2009
like my friend lindsy hawksphere said when we were sharing a house
"we should have a place where our pets can play in the cornor"

Jul 21, 2009
Well, I do have a gravesite at my castle where my first pet, Lord Tyson, is buried. It was the cyclops Penny Dreadful gave me. Turns out, he was allergic to Storm Sharks.

Adam Ashfriend - Lvl 48 Pyromaniac

Feb 22, 2009
Great idea. like your pets go talk! like if you have fifth pets and lets say you are wearing one the other one automaticly go to house and play. and tthis is off subject but can are pets fight. it would be awesome. they like would have one thousand health tops and they only use there cards if they have any if they dont they use onehunht-5dred attacks. if they die well they go back to your side. and you can command them like once you pick your spell you pick there

sloan darkbirght-48
andrew spiritgarden-31

PANCAKES OWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!