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Risen Tomb Master Minion

Sep 02, 2008
I play a pyro and fought (Jack Skull) Master Necromancer in the arena tonight. He was able to summon a RISEN TOMB MASTER Rank6 and it had 1,100 health. My pyro is level 50 and my Fire Elemental (card which I have had forever) is STILL a Rank1 and has 400 health. I have used my Fire Elemental quit a bit at my earlier-mid levels in the game. Can SOMEONE please explain to me in detail how a player has a minion with 1,100 health and it is Rank6??


Was he an administrator? By the way I was able to beat him and his overpowered minion.

Now it's been a while since I took any of Dworgyn's classes, but if memory serves me, the School of Death minion gets stronger the more pips you spend on it. There's a max limit, but you'll need a full fledged Death Wizard to tell you what that limit is.

Hope that helps!

Sep 02, 2008
Well perhaps that should be available for all minions to ensure game balance?

Each school does get a minion, they just get them at different levels. Even the zero pip Myth minion can come in handy in a high level encounter.

Please believe me that each school has been careful inspected and tested to ensure that there is balance between all the schools. Each school has its purpose such as healing, defense, power, and support.

In the time it took the Death School student to gain enough pips to summon that minion, depending on your school, you could have defeated him. In fact you eventually did, according to your post.

Your Fire Elemental has his purpose in high level duels as well, give the poor guy a chance, summon him and see what he can do for you now. :)

Sep 02, 2008
Thank you for your quick reply to my question.

I just think that minions should be better/stronger as the character reaches higher levels. My Fire Elemental still has 400 health and uses the same 5 spells = Fire Shield 0, Fireblade 0, Fire Trap 0, Fire Cat 1, Fire Elf 2.

I am level 50 now and I would think that the elemental should be using higher pip cost spells and have more health to go with my higher level. Perhaps the designers would take the time to go back and relook at the way they do ALL minions in the game? Also, it would be great if I could choose, for the minion, exactly which FIRE cards I want it to use in his deck. Maybe I only want him to use Fire Shields in a fight?

Maybe we should get the minion early on in the game; but it would only have 1 or 2 spells and have a low health at Rank1 (200 Heath?). However, it can do more as the character advances and it becomes stronger (more health/more spells). Perhaps give experience points to the minion (when it helps in a fight) so it can advance it's Rank and become better/stronger? Just a thought

Jul 31, 2008
I agree on some points but differ on others.

I think it would be nice that if a player has far surpassed the level of his minion, then there should be a way to either upgrade it, or have a quest to get another one. But then again this may not be impossible, after all the game is still young and I am sure that there is a lot of new content on the way.

I do not think it would be a good idea to choose wich cards the minion has, it would take away the difficulty in using a minion, and I think that should stay as it is.

I really like your idea about experience points for the minion. It would almost be like raising a pet! (In this case a minion lol)

Dec 18, 2008
i have to say the thought of a raising a minon is intresting :P but how would you incorperate the training to the different pip summons?

Dec 26, 2008
Jul 31, 2008
i have to say the thought of a raising a minon is intresting but how would you incorperate the training to the different pip summons?

Well, lets saythat we start with a minion rank 1. It usually costs 3 pips (storm) Lets say that we can somehow raise it to rank 2. This minion would now have 850 health (instead of 700 health) and it would gain two more cards forit's deck. Now , after it's been raised , it should cost 4 pips.

As forthe raising methods, maybe this card gains experience every time it's used in battle, and if it beats a monster it gains double exp.

Mar 01, 2009
Here is my opinion. I think we should pick (when the minion is summoned) if it should Be attacking, defensive, set traps, ect. I also think the minions should gain experience when used in battle so they use higher spells and have more health. Minions are one of my favorite spells in the game and I think they should be improved a little.

John LifeFriend - Grandmaster Theurgist
Edward GhostRunner - Adept Necromancer

Apr 11, 2010
Ok, I have a question. I'm a Fire level 43 and am really unhappy with my minion... I found a Trainer in Marleybone and he has all minion cards... So, can I use a training point on Death School Minion and USE it? please answer! Thank You!

Jul 04, 2009
No wizard can learn a minion from another school.

Life school - Specialty: Healing. Life minions heal and cast Spirit Shield (and very rarely attacks with Imp). Spends too much time on herself.
Myth school - Specialty: Minions. Myth gets 4 minions distributed to them as they rank up, each with extra abilities.
Death school - Specialty: Raising the dead and stealing health as it damages. Death school minion is an X-pip card. Death minions are various monsters raised from the dead to assist in fighting. The fact that it is an X-pip card can sometimes be a problem (do you really want to use you 7 pips for a minion?)
Ice school - Specialty: Defense. OK the Ice minion doesn't really help your party defensively, he just uses a few attack spells, blades and traps. But he does compliment the Ice wizard's weak attacks (please don't start a rant on this) by also attacking.
Fire school - Specialty: Damge over time. That pretty much explains what this guy is going to do. Helpful on a 2-on-1 and more so when fighting Ice
Storm school - Specialty: Powerful hits. Since Storm students have the lowest health of all the schools, this minion helps by Taunting the monsters and making them hit it instead, giving the Storm wizard freedom to heal if need be and to attack.
Balance school - Specialty: Support? Defense?. The friendly Mander is perhaps my favorite. He'll shield you, give you blades, give you pips, cast Weakness, Black Mantle or Hex on the enemies. Sometimes he'll even attack, being able to even use Locust Swarm. Balance also gets an Elemental Minion, a randomly selected minion based on one of the three elements. Because of it's randomness, I never use it.