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Returning Secret Trainers

Dec 13, 2008
Way back when I started playing in the beginning of 2009, I was in Colossus Boulevard and went down to the little house that looked like it couldn't be entered, but to my surprise, it had a little lady that had cards that I hadn't seen before! This was also the same in Krokotopia, the two obelisks that would light up occasionally would teleport me to the secret minion trainer and some shops. Also, in Digmore Station in Marleybone had another secret trainer that had cards and now, I think, sells pets. Anyways, I think you kind of understand where I'm heading. Pretty much after that, there haven't been any secret trainers. Now I know there has been the new lunar magics, shadow magic, and loremaster and craftable spells but I wouldn't really consider those hidden because for the lunar spells, they were in the main area in Celestia and had been in every world since (except Avalon). The shadow magic was in the storyline so there was no secret to it. And the loremaster spells and craftable spells were really obvious to find at the end of the dungeon in Mooshu amd that Avalon boss. All I really want to see is the old secret places that only certain people had known about and could show them off to people that didn't know about them. Now that I've said that though, there could possibly be secret trainers that I've never seen! Thanks for reading,
Thomas Griffenshield