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Requesting Tips? =]

Jan 03, 2009
Well i was wondering if you people have any tips for me on making faster money in here. I'm trying to buy the 40k House, but I only have 9k >.<

So any tips for me? Very much appreciated.

Jun 28, 2009
Sell any thing you don't need. Sell any treasure cards you have many of an don't need. Play mini games several times an keep leveling up on the games.
Diana Mythwhisper lvl 16

Oct 14, 2008
Jan 07, 2009
The simplest way would to buy crowns and exchange them for gold at Zeke, but if you can't, then try these tips:

1.) Play mini-games instead of catching air wisps, you heal while you play the game, and at the end you get mana and gold too, maybe a treasure card or two.

2.) Sell things you drop, like while I was saving for my house, I had one of everything: One hat, one robes, one shoes, one wand, etc. Also I sold all my furniture that wasn't a quest or picked-up item.

3.) Make a daily budget and stick to it. Example, you need some treasure cards but you're saving for a house, so your budget is 300 gold a day, so you buy 2 treasures that cost 150 each, and you don't buy anything for the rest of the day. Heck, you can make it 300 or something a week if you want! The key is to not urge yourself to flow over your budget. It's okay if it's, say, about 5 gold over the budget, but every gold counts.

Good luck on your house!

Scarlet HawkHeart
Lvl 32 Magus Sorcerer

Feb 15, 2009
1) Complete quests, kill foes, get wooden chests, play minigames, or sell some items you dont want

2) Save your gold without buying stuff

3) When you got enough money to buy a house go to the shop that shows a bed and a house on a land.

4) Here are the houses you can buy and i know

Wooded Cottage 8000 gold carries 200 furniture
Forested Mansion 15000 gold carries ??? furniture

5) When you buy a home move out of your Dorm Room that carries 50 furniture and move it in your new castle

6) Some house has mutiple floors
so stand on the house floor and click on ant tile you want and it onlys do it in one floor ( same as wallpaper)

7) Then add all your furniture in your furniture everywhere in your castle.

8) When your castle is done, invite friends

9) You can buy furniture in furniture shops or win them in duels.

10) When your castle is all full your castle is the ultimate castle.

Thats it.

Malorn JadeSong

Level 31