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removing enemy wild and insane bolts.

Jun 18, 2013
so i was doing black palace solo, i got to my not so good friend zebra dude. i got through his cheat 90 percent tower shields and got his seven thousand health down to five hundred. yay me. i though i had won, he only had two pips, then it happend. for the third annoying time in a row his wild bolt did max, but this time there was no storm shields on me. wait there's more. so he used wild bolt got max had a blade and a critical and did over my max health. which btw is 3050 something.
i'm not saying the spells should be removed from storm students, i think it's a very nice storm spell for them.
but with the enemy's increased luck and love of spamming it they become leathal weapons.

kingsile please take this into acount and make a logical choice.
from very, very annoyed myth student