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Refill Energy Faster!

Feb 10, 2013
Ok, so it takes about ten minutes to get one energy point back once you've used up your energy. but why? personally i run into a lot of problems with this because i never have enough energy to finish gardening all at once, and since i cant buy crowns i cant buy the energy elixir to gain the energy back faster. it ends up taking hours to finish gardening because the timer for regaining energy is so slow. it would help a lot if the game decreased the timer.

but not just gardening, it's also hard to train a pet when you run out of energy to do the games in the pet pavilion. and then if you don't have the crowns to buy an energy elixir like me you'd have to wait an hour just to do one game if your pet's at adult, and even longer when its at a higher level.

it would be a lot easier to garden and train pets if it didn't take so long to regain the energy, so how about Wizard101 decreases the timer? or maybe increases the amount of energy we get back with each interval? or even both, if they're feeling generous.

~Destiny RoseBlood

Sep 01, 2013
Hello Destiny :)
I too am a fellow gardener, the only difference is that I have no issue with the energy I am given to make support my garden. If you are new to gardening I completely understand the struggle we gardeners have to find the perfect starting garden so we do not run out of energy right away while tending to our plants. However if that is not the situation I would recommend you to restart your garden after everything is at elder and harvested, then find a garden size that will comply with your energy.
Not only do I garden, I also hatch and train many pets! To fix this issue I suggest you either-
A: Garden before you hatch pets! Not only is energy not a issue with you (if you do what I said above), you can also gain pet snacks from your gardening along with treasure cards/reagents/more. How amazing is that? :D Once you do garden and get enough snacks to feed your pet until the next level through that (plus all your snacks you already have collected) you can focus on pet training with those snacks each day!
B: Of course there is also the option to get gear to give you more energy, so when you get on wizard101 the next morning you will have that bonus to help you with this. But be sure to change the gear every day before you go to work/bed/whatever else so you don't end up in battle with the energy gear! XD
In conclusion I have zero issues with the current energy they are giving us now so I don't feel the need for it to be changed because you can fix your issues with those simple steps I listed above. Also remember that KingsIsle needs profit! So if they speed up the time less people will buy energy potions and in grand total they would be loosing the money they need to run the game- therefore having no game at all. (Even though that little change wouldn't do that to the entire game, if they keep doing stuff like this it will add up eventually!)
Your next island gardener,
Kaitlyn Goldenhorn (Adept gardener, Level 50)

Jun 04, 2011
I feel like a lot of people have the same issue, but it is just how it is. I myself wouldn't mind increased regen times for energy ( Gardening and training are a pain by themselves!) but I don't think KI would change this. But yes, I think that 8 minutes is a little much to regain just 1 point of energy.

Emmaline Iceshard Lvl.74

Mackenzie Stormblade Lvl. 40

Aug 20, 2011
I think it would be nice if there were special gear that could increase the speed of energy regeneration, much like the Comet Shoes or mounts increase the speed of walking.