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reagent farms

Apr 26, 2009
As i was running back and forth getting reagents for master artisan I thought of a idea because it was getting boring running back and forth getting them.So i had an idea reagent farms.What this means is reagents can spawn in your house and have a reagent farm making them.How it works in different worlds you can buy different spawners like you put it down like any other furniture but what it does for different reagents the more time it takes to make it like a golden pearl a hour because they sell for alot.And if you add like a another reagent like a diamond it would add 75% of one and like a music player you can open it up and put in or take out reagents.So if you like this idea just leave a message . Paul Sunhammer lvl80 balance

Dec 11, 2011
Feb 24, 2009
How about this if this were to ever go through: (I get bored and write long ideas on ideas that have a 90% chance of not going through, lol)

For "X" amount of a reagent, you can buy 1 spawner in your house. Includes potential upgrades!
HOWEVER, you may only buy 10 of one kind of spawner. And on top of that, only harvest them once every 8 hours to up to a week. (Depending on the rarity, and upgrades)

999 Mist wood: 1 Mist wood spawn
900 Ores: 1 Ore Spawner
850 Diamonds: 1 Ore Upgrade
60 Amber: 1 Amber Dust Farm (Would be tough, but would be worth it!)
60 Amber: 1 Merle's Whisker Farm
100 Amber for each upgrade to those
450 Amber, AMBER FARM. Once every 96 hours only though. (4 days)
350 Amber, increase chance of TWO amber by 5%. Up to 10 upgrades.
999 Amber: Best amber upgrade, Cuts wait time by 48 hours
999 Amber: Cuts amber wait time by another 24 hours! Who needs 999 amber though? LOL!
700 Sandstone, 1 sandstone farm.
500 Sunstone, 1 sandstone upgrade.
Ore upgrade: Increases the chance of receiving a diamond by 10%. You may buy up to 3 for each spawner.
Spawn Speed Boost: Decreases the wait time by 30 minutes each harvest.
Requires: 5 Amber, 20 Sunstone, 20 Fossils. (All 3 are tough reagents!) Or purchased for 1000 crowns in the crowns shop. (Could see that racking up some sales, LOL)
May apply 10 to each spawner.

Feb 13, 2011
heres my idea... you get a perfect of every school gem, and then 5 scrap metal.... this makes the basic item spawner....it spawns only one item at a time, once every hour or so... and it even works when your offline, so if youre gone for like a year like i was, youd get a nice surprise in the form of a ton of treasure... however, instead of them planting the reagent on the ground, you press x near them and open a bank, esque interface where you take out the reagents. only up to 999 of every reagent can be held in it. BUT WAIT! THERES MORE! you can add in ten brass (or bronze idk what they are) gears, and 25 coal, and upgrade it to lvl 2. this can carry 5 items to produce at once, and you can upgrade even more by adding the same amount of items, until it hits level 10, in which in can carry one of every reagent for the sample. it looks like a steampunky machine