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Reagent Farm Idea

Mar 14, 2009
I like the idea that you can craft in Wizards 101 :D. Though i have some friends who are almost done with the final quest.

With the help of my friend [who doesnt have a subscription]. We thought that you should be able to have a plot of land where we can biuld farm, create a mine, create caverns, grow a forest, and create a lake. On this plot of land you could collect reagents.

Though to get some land you need to pay 1000 gold per every type of resource it provides.

Please reply

Dec 12, 2008
i think i would like this, but how many times would you have to pay that fee? and should it be based on levels, becuase i am level 47 and i develop a large amount of gold every day, so i have no problem with 1000 gold. also, there are some rare reagents out there, so how should those be farmed? should they be more gold? just some small questions you might want to ask yourself!

great idea!!!

Apr 02, 2009
I love the idea. I am almost done with the final crafting quest and I find it ridiculous trying to find some of these things.

I think your idea could be tweaked a bit though. Like 1000 gold is a small price to pay for such a convenient resource. I think something like 5 or 6 thousand gold is more realistic. Plus, I think you should have to find at least three of an item before you can farm it.