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Read My Idea ONLY if Bored

Oct 24, 2009
Jun 26, 2010
Can he be wrapped in bacon?? :D :D :D
(if you think that sounds gross take a giant marshmellow wrap it in two pieces of bacon then taste it, it's REALLY good!)

Jul 17, 2009
Feb 17, 2012
Aug 17, 2010
the pet you get from it should be a mini dancing marshmallow :D

Destiny Ashstone
Grandmaster theurgist

Dec 06, 2008
That would b totally awesome if we got candy world! The level cap can finally rise to 80! Woo! Lolz I don't want to beat the game anytime soon. Because I don't want to have to create a different character or just do pvp. If they made this can't world, it would be my favorite world by far. Omnomnom... Chocolate waterfalls, mmmmmm

A+ Student
Dec 11, 2010
Zezick wrote:
The next boss should be a giant marshmallow.

That is all.

if so this should be his stats note cheating boss will explain his cheats before his stats and spells

his cheat will be if ya use any non fire damage spell it fizzles no matter how much hit rate and then he uses the same exact spell for no pips and uses any traps ya have that works for that spell while still using his own blades and traps
he will say this when it activates
" you cant defeat my marshmallow goodness with spells like that it will just bounce off" note your spell will suddenly fizzle in the middle of animation and disapear from the arena instantly then he casts it
note this also affects non fire traps you cast on him

however here is where everything gets possible to beat him note he also uses any smoke screen or mantle on ya and see above using the bounce cheat
he has
if he uses a non fire spell when it uses any charms it also uses smokescreen and mantle before the blades like if they were his
and if he fizzles this is what happens
" o noes my sugarness bounce failed me" and he hits himself with your spell ya cast but with 4x trap on himself

ya can see how do beat the cheat and thats with smoke or mantle then high lvl spell like levy

ok stats now
100.000 health
0% powerpip chance
100% critical block and critical
and all his spells have 800 more base power besides bounced ones and he only uses level 1 spells with the 800 charge
and he always attacks with one random level 1 spell each turn
o and he has 0 minions
funny cheat huh this likely made ya laugh at some point
this guy will likely could be a part of a wysteria update for a side quest that calls for only max level characters or those who got the quest from him already
also the marshmallow king aka the marshmallow boss
will drop these fine pets
strawberry marshmallow pet
chocolate marshmallow pet
and white marshmallow pet
each giving a single copy of a spell used by the marshmallow king
strawberry marshmallow pet giving 800 charged fire cat
chocolate marshmallow pet gives dark sprite with 800 extra damage added

XD all and all funny also ya get the marshmallow outfit from the side quest

lolz add this ki and watch those serious players find something to laugh at besides noobs

Jul 28, 2010
The Marahmallow:
Unlimited health.
Every15 rounds he drops a piece of gear:
First 15: marshmallow head mask
Next 15: Marshmallow body suit with skewer through it
After that: boots
And then: Marshmallow on a stick wand
Aaaaaaaaaannd even after that: burnt marshmallow pet!
Last but not least (not really last, doh): marshmallow mount!!
And then forever and ever and ever amen after that forever to no end and infinite extent: astral gear with the rare starry night astral underpants robe! Woot!

Dec 25, 2011
HAHA imagine A fire only quest getting new gear or pet in zafaria Fire having to cheat placing a 0 pip fire dragon if they dont attack or sheil. I would love to see that!

May 15, 2010
Zezick wrote:
RUBY1234554321 wrote:
can i roast it after i defeat it?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

That is how you defeat it! :D

You defeat it, you hear the eat in there? :D

Feb 01, 2011
SEAN638 wrote:
Zezick wrote:
The next boss should be a giant marshmallow.

That is all.

I can tell you are bored
I am too. pvp is slow today and i have nothing better to do

Sean Fireblood lvl 70 Fire

See you in the spiral!

Hey, why don't you start a new wizard? I mean, I'm level 41 and I now have a Balance guy on level 4, it takes me back to "memory lane."

Cheyenne GriffinCaller Lvl. 41, Myth

Feb 15, 2009