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Re: MEGA Pet hatch, and whether it's worth it.

Mar 18, 2013
Love hatching.

Love collecting a variety of pets for various reasons.

Enjoy training my pet and wondering what it will get.

Am even ok with farming or gardening a large number of pet snacks (and buying a large number of mega snacks).

What I can no longer countenance is the seemingly futile waste of effort, money and time that I spend to get a pet from Epic to Mega, only to (consistently) receive either a selfish or common train result for the greatest amount of effort.

It is my opinion (and I am asking for yours), that if KingsIsle wants to see a marked increase in the sale of mega snacks they should edit the code for the mega pet train so that it only has the options of the skill pool for the highest skills available on that pet.


For example:

If a pet has ten skill slots, with 3 being common, 3 rare 1 ultra rare and 3 epic, for the first four trains (Teen, Adult, Ancient and Epic), a pet would be subject to a random skill from any of the available skill levels.

But once the pet has reached Epic and begins to train towards Mega, that would change.

If the above pet had trained 3 rare and 1 ultra rare getting to Epic, then the final train should only be an Epic. Common should not be an option.

Now if the pet had 6 common, 2 uncommon and 2 rare and both the uncommon and rare were used up, then you would know that the pet would receive a common talent or skill for its final train.


If a wizard knows that they have an increased chance at the best of the pets skills, they would be more inclined to train their pets to the max level. Given the impatient nature of human beings, I would expect a significant increase in the sale of mega snack packs if this change were to be made.

Aug 20, 2011
Hmm, but what players consider the "highest" talent is relative. I like may cast fairy, it is incredibly useful, but that is from an uncommon slot. Using the system you describe, I couldn't unlock that at Mega unless it was the best slot left.

But you're suggesting a solution to a pressing problem, so that's always welcomed. Other people have suggested lots of other features, all with certain benefits and drawbacks:
  • fortune teller (get an idea of what talents will be before you train)
  • untraining elixir (takes pet down a level, randomizes remaining talents)
  • better pet game rewards (so you spend less time training, so it doesn't matter as much if you fail)
  • completely controlling pet talents (and bankrupting KI)
  • reduced cost of hatching
  • reduced waiting time for hatching (without elixir)