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Rank 9 Spells. Ideas of all kinds welcome!

Mar 22, 2009
I had some good ideas for spells for each class. All the wizards in the boards can help too! here is a sheet you can copy and post your ideas on it: (other effects is extra blades, weaknesses, ect. that comes with spell

-Hits all: yes
-Other effects:
-Animation description:

Let your imagination run wild!

2 examples:

-School: Fire
-Name: Volcano
-Power: 900, 400 over time
-Accuracy: 75%
-Pips: 9
-Hits all: Yes
-Other effects: Heals caster by 400
-Animation description: Giant volcano pops from ground and shoot lava -upwards and landing on caster, and all enemies. (Lava heals caster.)

-School: Life
-Name: Almighty
-Power: 650
-Accuracy: 90%
-Hits all: Yes
-Pips: 9
-Other effects: Heals all players 650
-Animation description: A giant cross of glowing white. an ONLY white appears, and a man glowing ONLY white steps out. He is too bright to see. He raises his arms in the air and floats above the surface. He claps and a burst of white light consumes him.