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Raging Bull could be better

Jun 11, 2009
Ok, I think I speak for all Pyromancers when I say that we got the shortest end of the deal when it comes to the shadow enhanced spells. The damage is decent but the secondary effect that it gives is seriously lacking to the point of being useless. I mean, when you look at the other shadow spells you notice that if you're fire you missed out big time. Storm gets Glowbug squall which is overpowered as it is (which is understandable because that's storm's whole thing) and you allow it to take all blades on the slim chance that you survive the hit. I mean, the least you could do KI is raise the smokescreen of Bull to 65% seeing as how most wizard's accuracy at level 100 and above covers the gap between fizzling.

-Jordan ThunderGlade