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Quick Sell Crown Seeds

Jun 13, 2010

I think we should able to sell Crown-only Seeds with Quick Sell option (which lets you sell more than one item at once.)

For example : King parsley, when you harvest Kp, it will reward you with many seeds, not bad, but it can be time consuming and annoying in the long run.

"what if younger/new players accidentally sell them without knowing?"
In that case, have a option in the "advanced game settings" >"QS crown items ON/OFF". (similar to turn ON/OFF backpack lock"

Thanks 4 Reading.

Jun 08, 2009

If you don't want crown-only seeds, then feed them to your pet. Since I'm a terrible gardener, both in wiz101 and real life, I feed all of my pink dandelions to my firezilla. I had perhaps 20 of them, and I got in exchange either 120 gold or +2 for my pets exp for a total of 12 exp and 1680 gold. Not a bad deal.