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Questions for Professor Cyrus Drake

Feb 10, 2009
Professor Drake, I would like to start by saying you are the #1 professor in Ravenwood and that your teaching methods are perfect for a teacher of your standards.
Now I have a few questions to ask you... For one why do you have such high standards for you students. Is it because you want them to work to their fullest potential or just because you see some unwilling students fail a few times and come running to you begging for an easier quest. Second what is your favorite Myth spell that you have ever conjered. Third if you could have learned any other kind of Magic besides Myth what would it be. Lastly how does it feel being the twin ( I heard that you were somewhere) brother of Malistare and how does it feel that some suspect you of being his spy down in Ravenwood (By the way I don't believe that you are a spy for your bro).

Heather LegendHunter
LVL 46 Myth Student
Please unless you are Professor Drake or a fellow student wanting to ask him question don't post questions to other professors here.
P.S. Professor Drake please post with answers, it will be greatly appreicated.