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questions for cyrus drake

Feb 10, 2009
hi, mr drake !sorry to bother your study time, but id like to know more about you :P first, why do you seem to dislike your non- adept students? well, Im an adept student now, so I d like a fresh start, and to be a nice student.Next, do you get along with malistaire? becuse id be mad at my bro for trying to destroy a world :( also, do you have love interest? do you asign lots of home work .my friend emily sun cloud asks are you mean or nice how old are you we have alot in common too... I personally like to study... and I like calm and quiet :-) so, wanna be friends and not make me do your laundary or threaten to expell me? or hit me with your wand? from Esmee hex, level 27 death wizard 8)

Apr 12, 2009
I have a few ideas for those questions. If you don't mind.

Q1:Why don't you like your non-adept students?
My idea:Might be because he doesn't like a novice asking a ton of questions
and asking for help a lot.

Q2:Do you get along with Malistaire?
My idea:Maybe, might have fought a lot like brothers naturally do.

Q3:do you have love interest?
My idea: Possibly not. Considering he likes peace a quite. (Or he doesn't want a girlfriend because he doesn't want her to keep yelling "BE NICE TO YOUR STUDENTS AND STOP BEING IN A DULL MOOD!")

Q4:Do you assign a lot of homework?
My idea:Most likely considering how powerful Myth Magic is and it needs a lot of studying.

Q5:Are you mean or nice?
My idea:Mostly in a dull mood, but I am sure he is a nice person inside.

Q6:How old are you?
My idea:Not a polite question to ask but i estimate around the 30s or 40s(considering he is bald)

Just a few ideas

May 22, 2009