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Quest Improvements

Dec 29, 2008
After getting addicted to the game again and playing for over 48 hours in two weeks, I have found myself thinking up new additions that would make questing easier. I hope you like my ideas, I can't wait to see your feedback.

Quest Finder Improvements:
The quest finder can be stubborn, sometimes you don't want to do the quest suggested by it.

If multiple side-quests are available in the world you are occupying, there should be arrows to choose through the quests found in the world, so you'll always find a quest that you want.

Quest Organizer:
There should be a way to allow the user to organize their quests in their quest log. If the user holds down the RIGHT mouse button over a quest they should be able to drag it to a new slot, hovering the quest over either arrows to go to the next page. This should be a new option in Advanced Gameplay Options to configurate.

Quest Identifier:
After picking up every quest I could find I found myself wondering what quest would advance me in the game, it'd make my life easier if Kingsisle added a little icon next to the"Review Dialogue" icon that would identify the quest as a story-line or side quest.

Completed Quests Stats:
In worlds like Kroktopia and Marleybone where there is a lot of side quests, I wanted to know how many more side quests there were left so I could make sure I completed them all.

When a player goes to their map they will now see a new icon, this icon will display how many side quests they have completed out of the total available in that area, if the player zooms out to view the whole world the icon will now display how many side quests completed in that world out of how many are available in that world. This should be a new option in Advanced Gameplay Options to configurate.