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Quest ideas

Jul 31, 2013
Wizard101 is a great game, I enjoy it a lot, I have a level 98 Death wizard, and I've been playing around with other wizards from different schools. The problem for me is that to rank up my new wizard I have to do the SAME exact quests in the SAME exact worlds. It gets a little boring. So I'm thinking that depending on your school, you should have different objectives in the worlds you go to. I think that would make the game a little more engaging to people who make multiple wizards. Let me know what you guys think.

Aug 11, 2012
yeah that would be great but my only concerns would be: do you need crowns?????i mean if you are having some quests related to which school you are, i feel like it shouldn't cost crowns! i have a lot of quests to do that cost crowns. so i wish that if there could be any quests related to your school, they should cost any crowns!