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Quest Helper: Not for Low Levels?

Sep 11, 2008
I have a level 33 wizard and a level 6 wizard. My quest helper helps me with my level 33 wizard, but not my lower level wizard. Is this a glitch or it's just because those quests are really easy?

Destiny MistGem
lvl 33
Destiny MistFist
lvl 6

Quest Helper is for all levels of Wizards.

When you're on your level 6 Wizard, press the T key to toggle the Quest Tracker on and off. If the arrow doesn't appear, open your Quest Panel by pressing Q and highlight a quest, this will prompt the Quest Tracker to point you in the right direction.

If the only quests your level 6 Wizard has in its journal are ones that are exempt from the Quest Tracker, such as Zeke's find the Smiths, it will not show an arrow.

Feb 18, 2009
Good morning Gamma,
Is there a list somewhere that tells us which quests are exempt from the Tracker Helper? Since you mentioned the Smiths', I'm assuming that the Beetles and Stray Cat Strut are exempt as well. Are there more quests outside of this such as the possibility of the "per school" quests? Or anything like that?

Thanks for the help,
Hunter SilverHeart

Sep 11, 2008
Wow. This really helped a lot. Thanks Gamma!

Destiny MistGem

Destiny MistFist

Nov 20, 2008
the quest helper doesn't work in some part of dragonspyre like me and my friends where doing some quest and it was working before but then we had a quest from this guy and quest helper didn't show up and i asked my friends but it didn't work. like in some quest ( like the quest from zeke) you can't use them
they say quest helper not allow for this quest but in the quest that we did it didn't say anything it didn't even appear