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Quest Help Tab

Jul 13, 2009
Ok so lets face the facts, sometimes its hard to find help on the streets of wizard city or anywhere else. Thats where this can help. The quest helper tab is a little tab in your log book. When you first click on it, this will show up

Search(bosses name or dungeon name)

This will be like the wizard 101 chat filter. Except no words besides the bosses name or the dungeon can go there ( you need to know the spelling to search it ). Once you search the bosses name or dungeon's name a list will show up kinda looking like this

Search: Biti Nirini

Daisy Greengem: Needs help with Biti Nirini Send Quest Help Message
Valkoor Ashthorn: Needs help with Biti Nirini Send Quest Help Message

What the quest help message is is a little notifacation sent to the player that needed help. It states you players name and level. Then look in your chat message, click the notifacation, and it will ask you if you want to add them as a friend. Click yes and then its up to you guys to find out where to meet, and how to kill whatever you need to kill or to complete what ever dungeon you need help on. Please let me know what you think of this idea! :D

David Ogretamer Magus Conjurer Level 34