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PVP: The Problem with Skill Based Matchmaking

May 09, 2010
I felt the need to address the concern of matchmaking in PVP; Enjoy.
For starters, I've seen people making their voices known about faults in PVP matchmaking that pairs a low level with a high level, or the other way around. This is an understandable complaint, as I have been unintentionally paired with wizards of lower ranks than that of myself. But the real problem with it, is that it's still here. I remember when I was a younger wizard, let's say at least 3 years back, i recall being brought into battles with people much higher up in ranking then I. The problem is that it seems the issue has not been even addressed by KI since it started rearing its head, much less from being fixed. I don't know how it could be fixed, but I could offer some suggestions to both the players, and the developers.

Kingsisle: Making some small tweaks so that something like an 80 level difference between 2 players...and if there is a difference of that magnitude, then they can't be paired together for a duel.

Players: I understand your complaints about the matchmaking, but if you quick-join, it's random. Therefore whoever you get paired with may or may not be close to your level. It's random if you quick-join, so complaining won't help. Because primarily, it is not fun to play PVP, when you, the individual, aren't doing well. That is precisely why people are complaining about the random matchmaking in the first place. Because be honest here, is it really fun to lose....knowing that you put time and effort into something that could have taken hours for you to get match-made into? It's a stark reality that we might need to live with. People need to prioritize their ideas more then just letting lose sometimes. It can help.

Anyways, I hope you guys enjoyed my opinions on the issue of matchmaking higher levels with lower levels, And I'll cya in the Spiral!

Nov 18, 2011