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PVP needs a new fight outcome - THE DRAW option

Jun 29, 2012
I just finished a marathon PVP with a Life guy. After 6 hours of which was probably 2 hours was wasted time as neither player would just flee and neither would hit, he was out of cards to kill me and I also did not have enough hit power left to kill him after he massively healed for the umpteenth time. Thus, we were at an impasse. He was a warlord while I was at best a corporal and someone said if he fled, he would lose a level or something like that. But that is neither here nor there. The bottom line was that this battle needed to be exited as a draw since neither opponent could kill the other with their remaining cards. Unfortunately, there is no DRAW option in PVP. In the end I accepted the premise that he would not flee due to the dropping the level story I was told by an observer and I fled to end it.
My suggestion is to add a draw option that if both people agree to it, the fight ends. I would not think you need to keep track of ties but if a tie was the result, maybe each player could at least get a few tickets. You could easily add the option next to the FLEE box where hitting the DRAW button would offer a draw to the opponent where he could accept it with no loss of rank involved. This would allow players to admit that the fight appears to be extended between fairly equal players and instead of a prolonged time being wasted without a real outcome, players could stop without penalty.
A DRAW option is a logical extension of the PVP options and is merited as my fight shows neither of us could put away the other with their remaining cards.

Sep 17, 2012
They should just make it a draw if both players pass for like 10 turns in a row. Both players record a loss.

Jun 19, 2010
While I'm sure there are players out there that want and demand a 6-hour or longer match; I bet there are a far greater number of players that would opt for quicker matches when given the chance.

I like your draw option; so why not automate a draw to occur after so many idle turns; this way, a 2-hour match doesn't become a 6-hour match. Here's a crazy thought; why not standardize all matches with time limits.

This is why I love tournament pvp matches for this reason. No matter how much a match may feel like it's dragging on; I still know Diego will eventually come bounding out to declare a winner.

Jul 13, 2014
I would have to say I agree with this. It is definitely a necessary addition when scenarios like this occur.

Aug 28, 2010
I will agree with this, but it should be a forced Draw in my Opinion.
Having a Life that can heal at 120 percent, or a Jade Death that spams
Bad Juju, just drags out the match. If you can survive for 2 hour, and you
select the Draw Button, the draw should be forced on the other player, imo.

The Scarecrow.