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PVP items that require more than one warlord badge

Aug 01, 2009
Someone else brought this topic up already, but it needs more attention. They stated they was 2nd age warlord and no longer able to buy the things in the arena that warlords used to be able to buy. I'm a 1st age warlord and noticed the same thing. We already earned the rights to buy the stuff, so we aren't sure why it was taken away. This is an idea.
Instead of taking the gear away from people who already earned it, why not add new stuff with the each new age that would require an extra badge to obtain. For example a robe would require a 2nd age warlord badge & a 3rd age warlord badge. Or a 1st age warlord badge, and current age warlord badge. Any combination of ages really- just make them have two badges to buy the new robes. You could do it with warlord, commander and all the ranks.