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PvP Dueling Kiosks

May 08, 2009
I think you guys should add custom pve/pvp dueling kiosks (items) for users. That way players could buy our own pvp dueling rings/kiosks and set them up in our houses. For example, I'm Balance and want to install a pvp dueling ring in my Balance House. It's for entertainment and creative purposes, I've seen other users throw pvp parties in their mansions, I just want to host them in my Balance House the dueling kiosks could be used for decorative means too (i.e. Kevin Battleblood) placing furniture items on the rings, adding an artistic flare. I don't want to buy any other houses (i.e. Massive Fantasy Palace) just to duel in my own home in-game. If you guys consider adding this please set it up for both crowns/gold. Thank you.

- M.W.S
Sorcerer of the Spiral

Jul 20, 2014
It's a pretty good idea. And maybe once you do a certain amount of duels in your dueling ring, you get more features added to the ring.

Leesha StarForge, level 75

Apr 08, 2015
Yes. It is of annoying when you can't have a dueling ring in your favorite home.

Jan 21, 2014
I agree, i would love to fight in the kiosk at the life house.