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Prompting players before using the ignore button

Jun 02, 2010
There was a time I had put a friend on the ignore list, just because we had an argument and I just simply did not wanna talk to them at the moment. I don't like arguments so I decided to put them on the ignore list, but when I took them off the ignore list I realized I could not add them back. I first I thought they just simply choose to remove me after I did that, but then I had done this a few other times in the future and eventually found out that when someone is ignored they are auto removed from the list and this is not what I always would like. Time went by and a number of friends had done similar things to me before as well. I think that King isle needs to prompt players saying that the ignore button will remove the friend from the list before letting them ignore. What do you think?

Jun 01, 2011
My friend,
The whole purpose for the "ignore" option within the game is for those who are being bullied by other players within a dungeon/fight and rather than flee, leaving other players stuck trying to finish the fight, they have the option to ignore them so as to not have to see anything they are typing anymore and are able to bear through the remainder of the fight. I have had to use this function several times within Mirror Lake.
The option you may want to ask wizard to include would be a "mute" option, where you have the ability to mute a person on your friend's list, and be able to un-mute them when you are ready to talk. You also have to understand that friends do argue and disagree. Ignoring them isn't going to solve said issues, and if you feel the issue is that bad that you feel you would need to ignore them, perhaps seek out other friends instead? You can also do your own manual ignoring by simply not responding to what they type to you or simply stating that you wish to not be disturbed as you are upset and need to cool off for a bit. You also have the option of going "hidden" within the game so it looks as though you aren't online or turn off your teleport option. You can also remove players from your home should that issue ever arise.

Best of luck to you.

May 06, 2011
Well, the ignore button is supposed to be there when someone continuously annoys you, such as a random wizard in the commons or a troll, not for arguments. You could continue normal activity, as if you never started the argument or that friend is offline. Next time, try to just ignore that friend without putting him or her on the list. At least that friend will be on your list, better than being off your list.
Katherine Dragonblade, Level 83