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Promotional pets.....

Jun 11, 2009
Everyone understands promotions, they are a great way to get more people in to the game, which is great. On the other hand those of us who want these items and can not get them due to no 7 eleven or riteaid around, what do we do??

Jun 11, 2009
More retailers will be announced soon. Please watch our Ravenwood News for more information.

Mar 03, 2009
This is good news. :)

I do have a question though. The last I heard, the first set was only going to be on sale through the end of June 2009. Will that time frame be extended so those of us who don't currently have access to them will have a chance to purchase them from the new retailers?


Dec 31, 2008
Gamma wrote:
More retailers will be announced soon. Please watch our Ravenwood News for more information.

Yes, thank you, gamma; but that doesn't quite answer the question here.

Those of us who have been left out in the cold are wondering if we'll ever be able to get the current crop of "limited edition" pets. I hope this has been pointed out to your marketing department; but if it hasn't then you all should know that you missed a VERY LARGE section of the country when launched what you touted as a nationwide promotion.

I live in a major American city* (MSA 3 million plus and growing), and I have to travel nearly 400 miles before I can get to the nearest Rite Aid or 7-11! I've checked repeatedly, with both store locators, and that's the answer I consistently get. Neither 7-11 nor Rite Aid have a presence at all in the Upper Midwest. I, for one, feel completely ditched.

I don't mean to get too petty; but this actually has me kinda steamed. The Defender Pig, in particular, is as close to a game-changer as any pet you have in play. Just look at all the top-level wizards who are walking around packing them, and tell me that it isn't!

I know that you are rolling out additional pets; but there's no guarantee (as far as I'm concerned) that they'll even compare to the Pig. They might be, but from my experience you're just as likely to roll out a couple of ho-hums nobody will really want. Yes, yes ... for all I know they could be awesome; but for now can't I just have the Pig?

* In fact, it's so major that I suspect at least two of the retail outlets you'll be rolling out your new cards in are headquartered there.