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Progress tracker

Aug 28, 2013
Something I would really like to see added to Wizard101 is a progress tracker.

You see, I am fast approaching an entire 6 wizard account with all wizards at level 100. Yet, each wizard is at a different stage of completion. The problem is, only I know that they are not even close to the same level. The rest of the community just sees level 100, end of story. Has that wizard ever gardened? Crafted spells? Crafted shadow forged weapons? Gone fishing to collect those rare species? Or done any number of other things in the game?

I propose a progress meter. One that takes into account the ability to max gardening at level 20, own each of the available 14 crafted/dropped spells, caught all the available fish, stuff like that. Then when I look at another persons stats, I can tell that yes, they are level 100, but they are only maybe 67% of the way to completion. Does any of this make sense?

Thanks for taking the time to read my suggestion.


Jul 11, 2013
It does make sense.... and I really like your thought/idea on that. I would like to see that in the game too.

Nov 28, 2010
It's a cool idea.

For me personally, I would like it for the opposite reason of why you're asking for it. I'm not so concerned about what progress others have made, but my own wizards I sometimes lose track of their progress in the things you're talking about. I've got 2 accounts, 12 wizards in total.

Gardening for example. Maybe I just don't know where to look, but I don't know what my Rank is without going to my house and clicking the gardening icon. Just yesterday I was in Avalon and found out Farley has two spells left that one of my wizards didn't train. I was looking up all the prerequisities required, and as I say I had to go to my castle to find out I was Rank 19.

I was going to contact KI customer support to find out why I couldn't train the spells since I met all the prerequisite criteria, but I believe while I was typing I just figured it out... I spent all my gold on gardening spells in Khrysalis and I probably don't have enough right now. Lack of gold is a problem I've not had for a long, long time.

So yes, if there was another tab in the character section that shows you your progress in some of these areas, I would be all for it. Though I am not passionate about others needing to see this information, I also have no real opposition to it and would be fine if the option was available.