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Professor Moolinda Wu I have a few questions...

Jan 17, 2009
Professor you are so calm and serene,not to mention one awesome teacher. How do you acheive that and not ever become frustrated? It is inspiring. Another question is, where do you and the other professors sleep? Do you have your own room above your class rooms or do you have your own house? And last but not least, how hard is it to teach here at Ravenwood?

Alura Mistflame, Life Student

Why thank you, my dear. I practice yoga and meditation to quiet the mind, but the most important thing, as I'm sure you know as a Life student, is music. Music is the rhythm of life and brings color to the soul.

All of the professors have their own houses. Mine is sparsely decorated, but I do have a nice Bamboo Mat floor which is green. It makes me feel more connected to nature.

I love teaching at Ravenwood because the students are so diligent. I am amazed at the quality of work. It seems that all of my Life students work very hard, and I am very proud of them.