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Probably said before but...

Mar 18, 2012
This game desperately needs a LFG channel. All chat rules should apply, but if you could pick 1 quest in your quest log and "tic" it, then when at least 3 people have the same quest active, you are prompted to port together to the area.

Please make this a part of Pirates and somehow implement it here. The lack of in-game guilds makes it very hard to do some quests. "kensington park comes to mind."

If nothing else, take a page from some other games and put a "marker" outside some of the harder areas and let people queue at the marker. The spiral is a huge wonderful place, but thee are parts of it none of us get to see because of a lack of a group.

I am not comfortable with my kids meeting folks on OTHER sites to find groups for 101. If they did it in-game, then I know that everything is monitored, and I have a recourse if something is inappropriate.

Wizard101 is awesome, and I expect Pirates to also be, but please make the in-game hunt for help with a quest not just be sorting through the 100+ people you randomly accepted as friends just because they ask you. You can even restrict the grouping to people with open chat can only group with the same and closed, etc. We just need a better way to find help with some harder quests.

You can ask for help on these forums, but by the time the message is vetted , the person has logged off, and anybody reading the message is wasting their time. Please, let us just pick 1 quest at a time that we need help for and mark it so that we can find other people who need it also.

Jul 31, 2011
like the pvp queue? That would be cool! I would totally go for that addition to both games.

Have the only available at all the big dungeons, that would be a time saver and heal many who post for help on the FB pages and here.

I agree and support this idea.