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Prestigious gear for crown shop!

Aug 18, 2009
Okay, so in the far past, I missed the opportunity to buy the epic bundle, not realizing how amazing the clothes looked. So now, I kick myself everyday for passing it up. However, you can still get the same look for that gear, but you have to have 1000 arena tickets. There needs to be another way to get the clothes just for their appearance, not their stats. I don't want to spend days of my life pvp-ing for a single piece of clothing that I only want for the looks. So I have a suggestion: maybe add the prestigious gear in the crown shop? It doesn't even have to be per every ten levels, like just a set for maybe level 30? Or perhaps even just the clothing but with no extra stats included? The guardian gear is close to this, but it isn't the real deal. I long for wearing this gear for all my wizards without spending countless hours in ranked matches. I'm also sure other users want a piece of this gear as well.