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Powerful Gear Farm Dungeon *KHRYSALIS SPOILERS*

Jan 08, 2011
So when we finished fighting Morganthe and finally subdued the threat of the Shadow-Web we move on to Grandfather Spider and his children. But all she did was break through the floor and drop into the empty area below. You can assume she died or not. Maybe Morganthe got lucky and a floating chunk of the destroyed Azteca catches her. Of course she will want to get her revenge! All that work for a puny wizard to beat her!

So the dungeon idea is some sort of Aztecan ruin she's taken over. It should have multiple parts like Darkmoor. The first dungeon should be wizards fighting against Shadow corrupted undead Aztecosaurs. The first fight will be Pacal Redmask and his minions. Next room against Tezcat Threestar + Minions. And finally Itzco Twisted Obsidian + Minions.

The next part is against remnants of the Shadow-Web that Morganthe summoned to her aid. In three different rooms wizards will face off against Archmagus Lorcan, Kravenly the Hunter, and Balor the Broken Fang.

And now the final piece of the dungeon. The first room pits you against minions of Shadow. Shadow Shrike (), Shadow Seraph (), Shadow Sentinel (), and Shadow Trickster (). The next room is against 4 Morganthe clones of different types. And then finally, the last fight. This will be against Morganthe and the undead forms of Axaya Knifemoon, Princess Atotozli, and the Great King Illhuicamina.

I encourage constructive criticism and maybes some ideas of your own! Maybe some ideas of new gear name and stats! And also please don't be negative this is a thread for ideas not hate.

Aug 30, 2014
I really like your idea; it sounds like a great dungeon. The best part would be that we could possibly be able to collect Morganthe as an undead for a monstrology house guest.