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Post your monsters here

Feb 07, 2010
There are all kinds of cretures in the spiral and it could always use more. You realy dont have to explain stats because all I'm looking for is what the monster would look like, how it would move, and mabie even what kind of sound it makes when it's defeated. Remember that the monsters you post here can be made as weak or powerful as the context of their location makes them, kind of like how some monsters in crab alley look exactly like creatures in celestia. and now that i'm done saying this I will post my own ideas.

Snake: There are already snake pets and spells but there seems to be an absence of a snake monster, and I can think of a few spiders in Dragonspyre that have names which would look just as good on a snake.

Old krok: kind of like the balance teacher in krokotopia, except probably without the weird hat.

Heckhound: this is pretty self explanitory, and I'm sure that with a little work they could get an Orpherus to work too.

Zilla: Stormzilla, Icezilla, Firezilla, you get the picture.

Sayter: Not sure what this could do but it would look good.

Hydra: With any variation of head colors.

Snow angel: a little big for a duel circle but it might work.

Monkey: This could just be a freindly NPC but I saw this picture of a monkey somewhere in a Wizard City tower that looks like that famous portrait of Napolian Bonapart.

Scarabs: and that includes frost beetles.

Scorpian: I'm hitting writer block with what to say here.

Blob monsters: not too gross though.

Evil Plant: something that looks like the plant from Little Shop of Horrors.

And of course I support more variations of existing monsters

Jul 08, 2009
Jul 29, 2009
I don't know where, but I think I remember battling an old Krok once. Not entirely sure though.

I would love to also see the monster ideas on my thread, 8th World, Windzark! It should be on the first page of the Dorms.

Jun 04, 2009
well i didn't have time to read all of it but here is my reply-
- mermaids
- spider monkey!

Sep 14, 2009
twilightwma wrote:
well i didn't have time to read all of it but here is my reply-
- mermaids
- spider monkey!

I think spider monkeys would rock!

Sep 03, 2009
Of course spider monkeys would rock! They can look like a multilimbed monkey, in my book that is considered awesome.

Oct 24, 2009
if i love little shop of horros even though i got as far as to where the plant was big but couldn't talk yet.

anyway! my persanal monsters! (some of thses i have been thinking of since i was five!)

The Blue Robot: honstley I use to adore and fear when i was five The Blue Robot for no reason after it appered in my strange dream. anyway it does not talk ever, he chases after you and when destroed he fixes himself atoumaticly. he has the abilty to sense heat and movement and a big power he has is he opens his metal jaw and makes his werid sonic boom sound that can leave you deaf.weird thing is i rember him and i'm more then double the age and still rember that strange dream.

The Blob: everyone loves those giant lumps of slime that eat everything. this one only eats dead carkes so when in battle he will throw slimey bombs at you and whips you with slime and when defeated he blows up hee hee slime blow up. get it? nah? ok then.

Igor: he has one eye on a green hairy head with two big twisted horns, a big furry dark blue body, and scabby franenstein feet. he will throw rocks at you and try to extermanaite you. but he does whatever i say and only tries to kill you if you make him angry or i tell him to!

From Olivia Hawksheild level 29 life wizard
I am a jar of pickle relish

Apr 09, 2011
Sand monster- looks like a mix betwen sand man from spider man and clay face from batman

Mar 29, 2009
shadows: evil shadows of wizzards its core has the mark of what class is it attacks it uses its claws on your shadow clear how it hurts and tosses a ball of light red,green,blue and so on. dies by core blowing up and falling in a black hole. oh its not flat

Feb 07, 2010
I'm back with some more.

fire cat: similar to my other suggestion of heckhound

Seraph: and a judgement wouldnt be to far away from that

Humungofrog: and it's natural attack would be, you guessed it, hitting you with its tounge.

Pheonix: they could integrate this into existing worlds by replacing various sunbirds with it.

Mole: like the gardenars all over the spiral, They may look cute, but some of them weild a mean rake.

Snake in a basket: badges would include this under the cadagory of "snake"