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Post New Ideas Please

Dec 31, 2011
I would like to hear all new ideas that you have.

Here is my new world idea.

Ambrose calls for your aid about the spotting of Morganthe. But when you go there you find out its a trap. Then Morganthe uses a evil spell to put you back in the past where Dragons, Triton's and Giants were fighting in the far past. You accept quest from the Giants, Triton's and dragons to weaken each other. You fight Draconians, Frost Giants, Triton's {Underwater of course} and all sorts of new Fire, Ice and Storm mininons. But then the Giants, Dragons and Triton's find out you have been helping each other weakening the army's. Then you have to fight the Frost Giant with 20000. Then the Fire Dragon with 15000. And the Storm Triton with 12500. {None of them gets minions to help} Oh and the Giants, Dragons and Triton bosses have spells up too level 78. Then you get quest from Bartleby and he asked you to help bring peace with the Giants, Dragons and Triton's but when you do enough quest Bartleby tells you the plan to bring peace. When when you try the plan Morganthe shows up. You'll have too beat here with 18500 health with three other minions. You guessed it. The Frost Giant, Fire Dragon and Storm Triton help her {with everything the same exact as before} But Morganthe has the new level 88 death move. 'Werewolf' a straight 1850 death damage. Special effect puts weakness. And then when you defeat her and her other boss minions Morganthe tells you that there will never be peace EVER AGAIN MUAHAHAHAHHAHAHA. But you will never give up and fights here again. But whats this..... She hasn't been using here full power. She has 30000 health and same exact moves as before. HER CHEAT: Every time you attack she puts a dispel on your element. HER OTHER CHEAT: Every time she attacks she gains half the health she has when she attacked. But then after you defeat her she tells you that she will be back...... But in a SECRET WORLD. And then after you go talk to bartleby saying you have done it. And of course you get a big reward :P And then bartleby makes you go back to your own time, and when you do you tell Ambrose that no one will see marganthe for a while. Then you get even a bigger reward form ambrose. :P

And thats it. I hope you enjoyed it. Please tell me what you think. And don't forget to post your own ideas. 8)