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possible sun, star, and solar spells

Aug 05, 2009
if the secondary schools in celestia turn out to be sun, star, and solar, then
post what you think those schools would have for their spells....

i thought of: light whip (star), sunburn (sun) and spectral burst (solar)

things they do:

light whip: 1300 Star damage, stuns, and heals (to self)almost all the damage it caused, it has a 65% chance of working....
animation: a sponge-like figure with rectangle pants appears on a squishy floor, he grabs sparks, and he throws it at the enemy, then he laughs at you and heals you.

Sunburn: 1100 sun damage to all enemies, then stun, then remove shields, then heals half of the damage to all allies and adds one 7 pip ice armor on everybody. 60% chance of working.

spectral burst: if fire damage, 1024 damage, if ice 705, if storm 1100, if myth 902, life heals 1120 to you, death 820 damage, then convert half to health, if star damage, 998, if sun, 2100, and if solar, 1500 damage.

animation: unavalible

i dont know............ just havin fun with this......

Alexander Mythfinder :-) :-)

May 19, 2009
Secondary school. so why does everyone assume there going to be attack spells, they made all 3 of them secondary so they might just be support spells like, feint, and elemantel traps and blades.

May 28, 2009
What about new school pets?

Sun pet: little flame ball
Star pet: A constellation dog
Moon pet: a little alien

Jul 08, 2009
Melissa423771 wrote:
What about new school pets?

Sun pet: little flame ball
Star pet: A constellation dog
Moon pet: a little alien
I would like all those critters :-o :D 8) :-D :D :-) :) :-P

Also why do people keep posting stuff up like "Spells for solar,lunar and star", "New spells for Celestia"? I mean not to sound rude but what are the odds your spell will actually be used in the new secondary schools?

Aug 05, 2009
I won't take your ignorance for rudeness, don't worry.....if you go to the forum index you will see that under each section name, it tells you what to discuss in that section. Under the 'dorms' section, it suggests posting ideas for wizard 101. Since there is a new world and new schools coming out, people are posting ideas that they think would probably be cool. What are the chances that these ideas will actually be used, you ask? Probably not very good, however, I really don't think that's the point......the point is simply posting, in this section, ideas that your imagination can conjur up.

So I hope this explains everything a little better for you......

And no worries about thinking you were rude.....if you don't understand something, it's always best to ask....: )

Alexander Mythfinder Lvl 44 Myth : )

Apr 01, 2009
Hmmm.. light whip sounds a lot like spongebob. :P And plus, even if the spells, or pets aren't included, it's always fun to use imagination.

I think for a star spell, you could have galaxy shootout. (dumb name, but the thought of it was cool in my head. lol.)

and the animation: your character is floating in center of battle circle, surrounded by stars, moon, etc. stars shoot towards victim to pin him in midair close to your character. (star on both legs and arms.) your character controls 5 stars, shooting 1 to the victim's leg, freeing it, same with the other leg, and then with the arms. Every body part freed, the star that kept the body part captive, bounces off and heals you 100 health. final 5th star goes towards victim's head, and stuns him for the next round. Total damage, 500. (depending on buffs.) :-o :) :D I feel proud of my spell.