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Possible Linux Game Client

Mar 10, 2012
I recently did a Linux walkthrough for installing the game on Linux for new Linux users due to the Windows 7 end of support. I do realize that many people found it difficult, and that many people who are new to Linux may still not be very comfortable with the terminal and using WINE, and Proton, and Vulcan, and a list of scripts that would improve the game for the Linux community or even just help with playing it without any graphical errors due to Linux NOT being Windows.

I actually run a Linux machine and a Windows 10 PC that is a Linux Subsystem, so I can do both... But, not everyone who switched to Linux who was using Windows 7 is able to do that, and there was still a player base who valued Windows 7 and had to switch to Linux because they didn't want the bloatware that came along with Windows 10 or 8.

To put it how I could have just simply asked, Kingsisle, is there any possible way that we would or could ever see a native Linux game client? Or will it just always be using WINE or other kernel hacks on Linux?
*NOTE* The graphical errors are primarily in startup of the .exe when running it on Linux. And if your account gets locked you can't unlock it because the client's news face DOES NOT load, just is a black square.

Nov 22, 2015