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Possible Idea for Daily Prizes/Rewards

Jul 26, 2008
Just something I saw today and gave me a idea for here.

Was watching TV...the old game show channel, and this game called Press your luck came on. Basically its a roulette wheel with prizes on it that you could win randomly. I thought might be a interesting idea for here.

Daily everybody (this could just be for subscribers only perk too if KI deemed it) receives a spin token for free.

When you use your spin token a box will show up like a mini game. The indicator will spins around and when you press stop (or stops on its own) whatever item it stops on is what you win!

There could be 30-50 different items on the spinner or box.

Prizes would consists of Random items each spin. Treasure cards, 1 day Mounts, 7 Day mounts, 10 Crowns, 100 crowns, Potions, henchmen, 100 Gold, 500 gold, 1000 gold, Furniture, random rare item....and so on. Tons of things that could be added.

To get additional spins tokens you would need to buy them from the crowns store. Each spin token would cost something reasonable making it worthwhile for people to want to buy crowns and spend them on spins.

I know this idea isn't something new, and there are probably tons of other games that do this...but hadn't seen anything like this suggested here so thought I'd chime in since its such a simple idea.

50 Death Wizard
Subscribing Parent

May 11, 2009
I think that it a vary good idea.they could do also make the thing that lets you get spells from other schools