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Port option

Jan 11, 2009
I would really like to see a selective port option. to be able to leave ports open for some friends to be able to port. Those friends that are starred could have ports open to them and those not would have to ask.

Aug 20, 2011
This is a good idea. Right now the only way to get away is to turn off all ports or go on "hidden" mode, and neither of those are very good options.

Feb 19, 2010
Yeah alot of games alow you to select a return spot. But this does give us the ability to X a certain spot an return to it so that is nice . I agree with you though more ability to port travel would be very handy.

Dec 01, 2011
Another thing on ports while we are talking about them:
For expample I try to port to (ill create a name) Alric. Well before i port, Alric will receive a message ''alejandro watercloud would like to port to you. Allow him?'' And if he says yes, I will be able to port.

But the thing that doesnt work with this is that for example you are afk, what can you do so your friends can port to you?

But thinking of it, before you turn afk, you might want to turn porting acceptation off before turning afk.

Feel free to ask questions and to comment on this, I am open to your ideas!

Apr 07, 2011
^^^ The " Mrs.'s ( ufoer ) up there " stole " my ideas i been talking about hehe ( love ya too :P ) But how i was doing it was a bit different,....which i got to admit...just a yes or No option to letting someone port is a good thing and extra addition too it all as well. BUT,.... I was using it as the " friend list with the star option idea ". Making the star system different color and using the stars as a way to letting people to port in or not. If your name has a green or whatevr color besides a yellow star is by you name, you are allowed to port, if not, it will reject anyone from letting ya port to you/them.

Another idea i had, which lastdaysgunslinger was off topic, BUT had particular pertainable idea in mind. Was the fact to make easier ways to port to places, like you do in your portals " system " in you housing-- going to house to house. Use your porting systems to go to places by marking those spots on other worlds and stuff.

Another thing to it ^^^ ...use your map and click on the icon to port to place to place as well like from firecat alley to the Bazaar or from CL to a pacific part of DS just by clicking on the icons on your map.

Ideas like these make questing and getting around to places and where ya wanting to go MUCH EASIER ...fee free to comment Cowan ShadowHunter LVL.80 Death