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polymorph ideas i have

Feb 06, 2009
ist polymorph:polymorph wildclaw school: Life. 2nd polymorph:polymorph grendel. school: balance. 3rd polymorph: polymorph angler(found in crab alley and celestia)school:storm. note: the spells for wildclaw are natures wrath, unicorn, slash(natural attack), lifeblade, tower shield, rebirth, and dryad. note:the spells for grendel are balanceblade, elemental shield, judgement, hydra, elemental blade, and spirit blade. note: angler's spells are storm blade, windstorm, tempest, storm lord, stormzilla, and water efreet. if you have any ideas or correct any errors i made lemme know.

Jun 19, 2010
That sounds like a great idea! I just started using polymorph's myself and would love to see these brought into the game. Although I am curious, what levels would these polymorph's be the most effective at? And why the Grendel for balance?

Happy Hunting, Blaine Swifthunter level 47

Jul 10, 2013
Hiya everyone! I think a good polymorph idea would be is to have a polymorph of all the wizard school professors...