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Pocket minions

Oct 07, 2010
So we know there are minions but what about pocket minions?

When you are level 18 and have completed krokotopia speak to The Minionmancer in the haunted cave for a quest.
The quest is called
Minion Mancing
Tm:You have learned to summon minions in your time but now you can harness bosses energy speak to Dworgyn in night side for more info.
Dworgyn:The Minionmancer that's a name I have never heard for a long time we were friends summoning dead and learning death magic we made animate together.
Dworgyn:What!He wants to teach you how summon pocket minions you are very lucky he only taught it to his family!Go to him he will teach you.
Tm:I think he told you what you need to know.
50 xp

Beginning of minion
Tm:here is a vial to keep the minions happy
Tm:'The Minionmancer hands you a small glass jar with a top on it it appears on the left of the screen!'
Now try defeating nightshade
After defeat
Glass vial:You absorb nightshade into the glass jar he is happy when he is in there
Speak to tm
Tm you have collected nightshade now you can capture all bosses but you can only capture them of your school.
Rewards:Nightshade (storm) for storm etc
You can place the minions in your house
All bosses rank 9+ can not be captured unless you buy a super capture potion for 500 crowns
You can capture twice a day.you can trade cards from each boss to each other.also you can see what spells they have