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plz make new wizards commercial!

Oct 19, 2008
I am getting a bit bored with the commercial, since i watch t.v A LOT I see it on all my favorite channels and now i'm getting bored with it, like it just needs maybe a little more... Well, like, flavor! So here is my idea...

Commercial Idea
So there is a regular kid in a school classroom, and he's really bored, and the teacher says " *kids name*, what is 526 - 425?", so the kid says " 101, Wizard 101" then the teacher turns into proffesor Falmea and the kid suddenly turns into a character on the game and the classroom looks like proffesor Falmea's classroom, then it shows a bunch of spells like triton, dragon, hydra, stuff like that, then the kid turns human again and the a little of the teachers hair is on fire *ha ha ha*.

Just my suggestions.
Hope you like them.

Apr 27, 2009
I think that sounds like an awesome idea. I can see it in my head so vividly! It would be really cool to see this on TV.

A+ Student
Jan 05, 2009
What stations are you seeing the commericial on? I never see it.

Mar 19, 2009
MikeStrath wrote:
What stations are you seeing the commericial on? I never see it.
We see them all the time on the Nick channels.

Nov 04, 2008
huh this ain't a bad idea but it seems like it'll cost allot or something but if it gets out into use i would get my attention grabbed by it :D

Jul 05, 2008
Does this commercial play in Canada cause I have not seen it. We do nto get alot of US commercials but we do get some.

Jan 16, 2009
Yeah i know. it is boring! but what you are thinking is a good idea!

Oct 19, 2008
Thanks for the replies, i do not know if the commercials go to canada or not, but thanks for replying anyway!

Sep 20, 2008
I would be happy to be in the commercial for you. Lol . that was a AMAZING idea i was picturing it in my head.

Feb 01, 2009
That commercial is kinda cool

My commercial idea is this:

A kid is walking home and sees a fire elf at his house and aiming an arrow at it. then the kid take's out his/her wand. Right at that moment he goes into battle and the fire elf battles him/her. right then ambrose comes rigt when the battle finishs and ask if they would like to help out in wizard city.

i hate it actually. who else agrees with me?

Luke LifeGem (lvl 24 balnce mage.)

Oct 19, 2008
for a commercial you should make kids eating icecream in their backyard untill the air started turning red and then everything starts turning cartoon and malistair ports to them and merle ambros. Merle ambros tells the kids to come with them and then malistair says that as well. Then one of the kids went with Merle ambros and the other kid went with malistair. then both of the kids went to the arena and they did a 1v1 match and they saw each other. the boy that went with merle Ambros was starm and the other death. then they both battle and then everything foged away and they were in their backyard.! :)
thx 4 listening! :)