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Plz add a team up sigil for Aphrodite.

Apr 20, 2011
I recently went back to Darkmoor to try and do the Aphrodite dungeon to try and get the sacred charge spell for my Life Wiz. It was a nightmare! Because Darkmoor is so crowded, trying to get a team together for that quest is very difficult. You end up trying to keep track of all the wizards who are going with you or have said they are only doing Malli.
When you get a team together it gets a little crowded and some team members miss the sigil port causing the other team members to have to go back out and find them and try to co-ordinate their entry.
I know other players would find it very helpful if there was a separate Aphrodite sigil (for other bosses too!) It doesn't even need to be outside the cemetary gates. It could be outside the Aphrodite dungeon itself. Having a team up feature here would make things a lot quicker and smoother.
Please consider this for a future update KI-Thanks!
Rowan Willowgrove

Jun 26, 2009
Yes, it is very frustrating trying to gather a team for dungeons that are inside other dungeons. Using team up to try and accomplish this is even worse. Let these dungeons remain where they are inside the Darkmoor graveyard and Tartarus for players to access them as they always have. However, make a separate sigil adjacent to the main sigil entrance for Aphrodite in Darkmoor graveyard and Cronus in Tartarus.

Mar 29, 2012
Oh my gosh. Yes yes yes.

Jun 19, 2010
Wouldn't it be awesome if all the Hidden Bosses and secret locations in the game were easier to find and access!?!

Two ways this can occur:

The Team Up Portal outside of the bazaar* Expand access to hidden bosses once a player has beaten them

Teleporter Tapestries * Takes you directly in front of the respective skeleton key or hidden boss entrance/location

Feb 08, 2009
Can this be added for the Aquila secret bosses too? (I was forced to solo gladiator because everyone in team up was lvl 30 and wanted to do the dungeon).

Oct 18, 2015
Find a team and change realm :)
You won't have any problems entering the dungeon.