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Plush Toys!

Jul 09, 2012
I think they should really add Plush Toys to the Merchandise! I just want a Plush Flying Piggle! Some people may want other Common pets! Such as the Dragon! The Fire Cat! The Blood Bat! Etc. (Sorry if this is in the wrong section)

Kane Skullstaff, Your local pyromancer

Jul 28, 2011
O. o I want a toy Alhazred!

Or a toy Gamma with Merle

A toy Malistaire XD

Dec 26, 2012
Nov 26, 2011
I like this idea, I want a Falmea plush toy, or maybe a Plushie Cyrus and a plushie Malistare.
-Jasmine FireBlade, level 86 pyromancer.

Sep 25, 2010
don't forget plushy morganthe and personally i want a plushy pacal, people in azteca will know who i'm talking about. i think they could make plushies for a lot of things but what would they be used for?

Dec 03, 2012
Please consider this.
I want a toy-
Fire cat
Thunder snake
Fire elf
All teachers
Kind of like a doll house but maybe you could have a mini school for wizard101? Or ravenwood set?
Back to plushies-
Wizard (maybe you could customize it to look like you o. o
School teacher plushies

Mar 12, 2013
I want a squeak toy Meowiarty for my dog and a giant plush Jade Oni

I could also see a Piggle Bank being popular.

You could have a Seraph night light, a Celestial Calendar bedside clock radio, a Frost Titan set of fridge magnets (one large fridge magnet of the Frost Titan, and 4 smaller stun shield shaped corner magnets).

Or a set of Gobbler fridge magnets - three types of street gobblers, plus Prince Gobblestone and Baron Rotunda larger magnets; and a Crate of Hot Dogs magnet.

A series of Stormriven or Crab Alley/Waterworks themed soaps, shampoos, and bathroom fixtures: Blue Clam soap dish, Stormriven Hall obelisk shampoo and hand soap bottles, crab claw shaped faucet handles, King Thermidor soap, Luska and Sylster towel rack holders, Big Salgio bathroom tissue roll holder, Astraeus bath mat. Bamboo and rattan Water Mole storage shelving mounts over the lid of your toilet tank.

Smartphone skins and carrying cases that have a phone-sized picture of a spell card on them. Choose from Heckhound, Judgment, Minotaur, Seraph, Scarecrow, Evil Snowman, Triton, or Polymorph Gobbler.

Storm Shield outlet covers for houses with very young children

A locking plastic Farley multi-slot garden tool rack you can mount on the wall of your garage or shed

Firecat Alley bronze and buffed brass firecat-handled fireplace tools and screen

Queen Elissa garden hose sprinkler attachment

Krokotopia themed deluxe cat litter box

Super-cute fuzzy plush slippers. Choose from Foo Dog, Spark Beast, Mander, Sea Dragon, Zebra Piggle, and Scarecrow.

Professor foam stress squeezers: Choose from Falmea, Greyrose, Cyrus, Dworgyn, Alhazred, Halston, Moolinda, and Merle.

Mar 12, 2013
More merchandise for the discerning wizard

Enamel and brass cuff links representing your favorite charm: Choose from Deathblade, Stormblade, Fireblade, Mythblade, Iceblade, Guiding Light, or Weakness

Marleybone-themed cat and dog dishes

School keychain with miniature LED flashlight. Never fumble in the dark again, just press a button and see your ignition or house key clearly, in your school's warm glow.

"Summon Minion" enamel photo frame for kids' school pictures. Choose from Helpful Mander, Troll, Cyclops, Minotaur, Water Elemental, Fire Elemental, Colossus, or Sprite.

Charm Bracelet with your family's schools of magic represented in shatterproof (hehe) translucent plastic. Set 1: Blades. Set 2: Traps. Set 3: Dispels.

Real-life Waterworks Hood in washable breathable Spandex. Specify base color and trim color; choose from XS-S-M-L.

Pickup Truck mud flaps emblazoned with your school's Top Spell. Show them you're a promethean under the hood. Choose from Lord of Winter, Storm Owl, Celestial Calendar, Sabertooth Tiger, Spinysaur, Avenging Fossil, and Sun Serpent.

Feb 16, 2010
Snowblade20132012 on Jul 9, 2013 wrote:
I would like a mander plushie Eric Rose Flame lvl 16
me too. they could do all the colors. i would want a green one.

-jack skullbreeze master of fire

Mar 12, 2013
The wizard's office supply choices wouldn't be complete without:

Marleybone cat-and-mouse hooligan themed mouse pad

PadFlex backed memo pad with halftone background image of your school icon/banner. Choose from: Carnation/Fire, Goldenrod/Myth, Salmon/Balance, Slate/Death, Lavender/Storm, Mint/Life, Aqua/Ice.

Harold Argleston desk drawer organizer, in translucent plastic. Holds pens, paperclips, cords/batteries, USB stick, and stapler/staples.

Sneezy Kraken (TM) facial tissue box cover

Ravenwood ID lanyard, or school ID lanyard, stamped with your school's icon and bordered in color accents. Choose from: Death (Silver/Black), Ice (White/Periwinkle), Balance (Cream/Peach), Myth (Goldenrod/Royal Blue), Fire (Orange/Crimson), Storm (Gold/Purple), Life (Mint/Kelly Green), Ravenwood (White/Multicolor)

Motivational posters showing your school's wizard getting his or her level 48 spell after a long and grueling spell quest. Choose school and message: "Persevere", "Aim High", or "Pursuit of Excellence", overlaid over an image of the school's spell quest ending cinematic, e.g. Storm Lord, etc.

Dec 18, 2009
I soooo think this is a good idea. Maybe the pet should come with a code so you could get the same pet in the game. Maybe make a new pet so the only way to get it in game is from hatching or buying the plush toy in the real world

From, Diana Swiftfountainlvl 84,

Feb 27, 2009
And then the last thing that we all want is the Marleybonian car! :D
Only costs 25,000 dollars and comes with 120,000 crowns, a full year member for both Wiz and Pirate and a bundle of your choice for Wiz and Pirate!
Just imagine going down the road with the new Marleybonian car! Also if people start seeing the cars, one guy might think I should make 101 land! A 101 theme park! Now I would wanna go to that and it would be fun! Make one in each state if you can or any random states. Now 101 land may never come but it could with all the Marleybonian car! And that car is in the land of the dogs so it should come with clothes of your favorite Marleybonians!
Also have 101 clothing and make sure this merchandise and products never go to the last place we want them to go to.
Is it
A. Dragonspyre
B. The Shadow World
C. Disney
C! We never want it to go to Disney and I know maybe some of my ideas could be accepted but I would like that Marleybonian car! You could do many updates faster and make loads of games! KI could rise and be better than Minecraftia! :) Still Minecraftia will be in third place following the 101 games.

Mar 12, 2013
Reagent tableware and spice storage. Tall rack stores two rows of oblong high-impact transparent plastic spice jars with snap lids, or four rows of conventional spice bottles. Spice rack comes with decal sheet: Grendelweed, Frost Flower, Aether, Fire Blossom, Fish Scales, Agave Leaves, Black Lotus, Red Mandrake.

Tableware consists of ceramic salt shaker (Diamond), pepper shaker (Lava Lily), sugar bowl (Agave Nectar), and creamer (Pearl) all with snap-tight poly refill seals and lid gaskets.

Memo pad with "From the Desk of" and your wizard's name in stylish New Carolingian font on an Ancient Scroll Parchment background.

Postcards and letter-cards depicting four different scenes from the glorious Spiral. Blank inside. Choose from:

Spring: Festival Park, Austri's Hall, Pegasus Place, Abbey Road
Summer: Yoshihito Temple, Alto Alto, Grand Chasm Past, Niles the Balance Tree
Fall: Firecat Alley, High Road, Baobab Crown, Ancient Burial Ground
Winter: Sudrilund, Prince Gobblestone's Castle, Four Falls Mill (Triton Ave), Nidavellir (Hall of Valor)

Mar 23, 2013
if there are plushies... you should be able to hug them! You would place it in your house, walk up to it and press x... and then you would hug it and it would give you some health :P

Nora LionThorn

"If all sand comes from rock, it must be a pretty powerful rock!"

Mar 23, 2013
(ps i want a firecat plushie, gamma plushie, and a wolfric foesmane plushie)

Apr 30, 2010
"The Wizard's Wand online shop" should be the name of kingsisle's shop where you get all this

A personalized set of "Footed Pajamas" with your wizards name embroidered on the back, Comes in:
Jet Black, Sky Blue, Forest Green, Electric Purple, Neon Yellow, Deep Crimson, and Sand Tan
(one for each school)

A picture frame in the shape and pattern of a spell card, The summary of the card would be
"0" in the pip slot
"spiral" on the class of card
"100%" chance of being cast (no fizzles)
"fist" logo of damage (the type, like charm, damage, etc.)
Description "Does 9001 damage to opponent and is Awesome"

A basic wand (like in harry potter just a stick) that has a LED flashlight on the end. "Cast your ____ spells away!"

And last but not least.......................................................................................................................................................

A robotic Pet-Spinner (idk i ran out of names)

basically it is:

A pet piggle, dragon, meow wing, or any flying mob, What you do is you hook it to the ceiling of your room and put some batteries in, it flaps it wings and spins in a circle.

Flint Strongvault, Technomage, Ice, And warrior of shadow.

Dec 16, 2011
i would like a pet deer knight in different colors like yellow (myth) black with a skull head (death)
green (life) and so on forth

Mar 25, 2011
You should get them in real life: First you log into the website, then, you choose plush pets under "Earn Crowns" and choose the pet(s) that you want to have delivered to your house. And/or if you don't have a pet or want to get a new one you can customize a new pet( not like a dragon but maybe like an exclusive pet like an eyecaramba or some other thing that you wouldn't see every day)
Joshua GoldGem

Feb 02, 2010
Feb 06, 2010