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Please Reskin the Firecat Statue

Oct 20, 2009
I tried for a few days to get this statue (which I hadn't seen the picture of beforehand) because I thought it looked like the beautiful black and gold firecat statues on Firecat Alley. But it turns out to be this boring bleached white thing... it's kind of a disappointment.

I think it would be a huge improvement if you make it simply a smaller version of the other Firecat Alley statues. The current skin is just really boring in comparison.

May 02, 2009
there are 2 firecat statues.

The one you got was the normal statue of it.

The second one is an obsidian firecat statue that drops from a DS boss in the Forum, which connects to Dragonspyre acadamy.

P.S. The boss who drops it is part of the main storyline.