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Please Read(Especially if you are Life)

Jul 15, 2011
hanable33 wrote:
bushbaby123 wrote:
Hello, i am going to say right here up front that I DO NOT WANT TO START AN ARGUMENT! So please do not write any comments that may cause an argument.
I know many people either complain about being a life wizard, or they try to convice people that life is a good school. I am going to tell you something that might interest you. Life doesn't get a new attack spell for 25 levels!!! Do the math 58-33=25! Thats 25 levels with new healing or sheild spells. Now, it doesn't count meaning that they get a training point and get a storm or ice spell that is an attack spell but still. I am level 43 i think and i am tired of centar, seraph,big tree thing that i forgot the name of,and lepurcon(srry i do not know how to spell it). I cannot wait 15 more levels. KI i am not trying to be rude or something, but its kind of akward asking for my higher leveled friends help. It makes me feel...weak. I strongly dislike spending all my crowns for minions, i strongly dislike looseing pvp if the player isn't like 10 levels higher than me.
Now i am going to stop complaining and talk about the good stuff for those of you who are going to protest. Life is the best healing school. Life has an advantage on malistare. Life can be very helpful if you are dying or dead. Life has the ledgendary gnomest and forest lord. Life may be helpful in 4v4 pvp or any other type of pvp.
But my point is if you are a life wizard you have reasons to be mad and reasons to be happy for your school. Every school has its advantages and disadvantages. You can also comment on other schools disadvantages and advantages here to make you realize that life isn't a bad school or if you are another school you can post advantages and disadvantages abvout your and other schools.
Merry Christmas, Grace F., level 43, Life
Cya in the spiral!
life isnt meant to be good at attacking. it is meant to heal others who until a certain lvl (58 ) do the attacking for them. life is extremely difficult to solo any world. to make it quicker have a team of people helping them while the life keeps them from dying.

Sorry hanable, but I disagree. It is actually quite easy to solo any worlds with a life wizard. And sure, it does suck being a life when you're still master or lower, because you got all these healing spells that keep piling on you. And not to mention, you don't even get a decent attack spell until you hit the forest lord. But I'm a Life Transcended and have been for awhile- and let me tell you, Life is not weak. Especially when you've got Gnomes! in pvp! I farm Mirror Lake all the time with my friend- he's got a life and storm wiz, and with the right blades, a nice critical and colossal, my forest lord can hit pretty hard- 40,000! Not bad for a life, eh? If you are a true life wiz, you would know that working on your life is worth it because we've all been waiting for a decent attack spell and now, life definitely rocks.

Jul 15, 2011
queenlybluebean wrote:
bionaknight wrote:
..If a support class like Life isn't your thing...

(I know you didn't intend to offend, @Bioaknight.)

I adore being an all-powerful and nearly immortal Theurgist, but I loath being called "support class".

Iridian, my first wizard, is also my most powerful wizard in many ways. She soloed the majority of the game, except for the final bosses of each world, Waterworks, Warehouse, and TotH. Iridian is one tough, blue-haired, brown-eyed girl. She can heal an ailing friend with a 2500+ Satyr, and then cast Gnome for 7000+. She can play defense, offense, heal, or all three at the same time. Support class, she is not.

I love theurgy so much that my 6th (and last) wizard, Taryn Earthsinger, is a Theurgist. I chose to end where I started, with my favorite school of magic.

"Unlike other magic, which relies on summoning, coercing or beseeching, Life Magic harnesses the power of the Song of Creation to create something new. Scholars believe that Theurgy channels the tapestry of music from which the Spiral was created, and that in echoing portions of the great symphony, a Wizard can bring forth and create Life where none previously existed." http://wizard101.wikia.com/wiki/School_of_Life

Warmest Wishes for the Season,

Qbb/Iridian Shadowweaver/Taryn Earthsinger, Theurgists

I definitely agree! My first wizard is life as well, and conveniently, her name is also Iridian! But besides that point, life can be a pretty hard hitter. She's transcended, and hates when people insult her school. She's well rounded- she's got 38% global resist, 65% life damage, 125% critical, 128% global critical block, and 28% in/15% out healing boost. All us life wizards worked so hard to get what we have today, and I'm definitely proud of what she's achieved. Don't call us weak because we can heal, because we can hit too!

May 10, 2010
Personally, I think Life is one of the ultimate schools and everyone should be supporting the life school.

Life is powerful, can heal, can do massive amounts of damage quickly and easily. What's not to like?

You take 2 life Wizards through Mirror Lake and the whole dungeon is a breeze and all battles can be defeated in 2 to 3 turns.

Jun 28, 2010
i am now a lvl 58 fire, but when i was round your lvl i fought many battles with life people and died what i'm wondering is whats your second school because life and death is a killer combination especially when you get feint. i've come to find out fighting so many life people they mostly: shield lots, put as many life blades/blades that will help as they can, trap same as blading, then when the opponent is trying to get off your shields like absorb or whatnot they attack with centaur and i've seen some high attacks in the 3000 or more with centaur, all i'm saying is you gotta think outside the box.

May 30, 2009
Hello, I haven't been on for a while. I have been a life wizard since I first started and i picked my secondary school to be death. I'm at lvl 56 now, and sometimes i do find that i need help and sometime friends help because they want to. Being a life wizard is hard, but not that hard. I love it because it does challenge you.

Marissa NightHeart, lvl 56
Life Wizard

Aug 29, 2009
I am just gonna say right now, I LOVE BEING LIFE! Its the best healing school in the spiral, and when it gets forest lord (or as i call it, fluffy) its dangerous. Life is meant to be a heal school but i like that. I don't like though how some people say life is a weak school when its meant to heal. I can;t see them being healed by a life wiz again. I love being a theurgist because it matches me so well! I have never been fond of fighting, and It took me a long time to realize i was strong enough for celestia. I would always rather someone else fight and i keep them healed.

"As we have been Created, so must we Create"
~Brianna Starwalker, Transcended Theurgist