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Please Make Two Updates On Traps And Blades

Nov 22, 2015
I have been having two major problems, and I know many people have too, with stacking blades and traps. I will talk about two ideas that would make this experience easier.

The first idea is that you should add is to add text on top of blades and traps showing how much percent of damage it adds. Or if it is a shield or weakness, then it should say how much percent it takes away. I have this suggestion because I constantly lose track of which traps and blades I put on, so I would like to know which have been placed. Maybe you guys should add an extra little picture or indicator by the number if it is enchanted too, as a hex could be confused with an enchanted curse.

The second and the problem I feel should be quickly fixed is the overlapping of the blades and traps. It looks very glitchy and you can easily lose track of which traps and blades you have put on, and if my text suggestion comes true, the text would be overlapping and it would not be pretty. I understand that this is a difficult problem to fix, so my idea would be: make the traps and blades smaller so once they reach the entire circle, more can fit in. And once they become a certain size, they could start stacking the traps/blades on top of the trap/blade under it (or above the text if my first suggestion comes true).

Jan 11, 2012
we've been asking for a solution to this for a few years now, and we have been visibly ignored. I dont know what they're planning, or if they're planning, all I know is that so far, we've seen NOTHING to address this. For more info on what others came up with, read this:


Nov 22, 2015
Or if they didn't like the idea of this, they could probably add a hud/gui menu, so when you click on the player/creature during battle, it shows all the traps, shields, weaknesses, and blades that are currently on.