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Please make a way to delete unwanted garden TC

Apr 16, 2014
At present there is no way to delete unwanted garden treasure cards that I know of. I buy many packs of garden tc from Molinda's garden packs. But I do not use them all. So they collect in the TC backpack and takes up all the space. I am forever getting the message that I cannot hold anymore treasure cards. Please make a way to delete these unwanted cards. At present I am having a friend take them from me and then the friend gives them to a dummy wizard I created for that purpose. I don't understand why these cards are unable to be accessed to delete.

Thank You, Scarlet ShadowStone 90 Scarlet SwiftRiver 21

Hello Scarlet,

To delete your unwanted gardening treasure cards, page to the garden spells section of your spell deck. Click on the garden treasure card header, then right click on the unwanted treasure cards. A pop-up will confirm that you want to delete them. Click "yes" and they will be gone.