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Please consider removing battle orders in pvp

Jun 02, 2010
When someone enters pvp they can check the school of the player are against with menu chat battle>battle orders. I think that this is a very cheap move and ruins the ability to anonymous anonymous at the beginning of the battle. Not necessarily removing them all out, but I think it would be great, if the schools symbols were taken out of menu chat so nobody can see them.

Mar 17, 2014
What happens is, people try to but a tc blade on, tricking opponent they shield to hit then you get hit with a deep levy

Aug 13, 2013
NO, it has been there since the beginning of the game, and it works both ways so don't try to fix something that isn't broke

Aug 20, 2011
Yes, the battle orders menu helps you determine the school of your opponent. However, if you get rid of it, friends and 2nd accounts can still look at the PvP active fights queue and figure your school out that way ("Hey bro, it's a Level 22 Ice!").

Honestly, I think the queue-watching is a bigger problem than battle orders. School symbols in ranked PvP ought to be replaced with question marks, so people can't create a custom deck for whomever they are facing. I am impressed that some people can manage to use this to their advantage, but it's an exploit nevertheless.