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Players Offline Mailbox (IDEA)

Dec 26, 2012
Hey all!

So I was thinking of probably a simple idea (Maybe), which allows any user to send a message to their friend when they are offline through a type of mailbox system. (This could always be changed to fit a more wizardly theme of course )

Maybe some other features could be added as well, but I feel just a simple messaging system towards offline friends is enough so far!



Mar 05, 2012
I totally agree! Was so disappointed when they did the big update to the friends/chat system and noting like your suggestion. So many times when I'm on line I want to ask/tell my friends something. Would be GREAT if they could do that!

Jul 27, 2012
Yes exactly!! I was super disappointed when I first started this game and this wasn't an option. This could be an ability for all players! Those with menu chat can simply past in something in a letter, and those with limited or open can type messages to their friends.

Like, if something happens in the game but your friend is not a friend irl (in real life), then you can just send a letter even though they're offline. They'll log on, and see they have an unread letter. It could be a page in the book thats on the bottom right corner of the screen (what is that called??).

Ooh ooh, maybe we could have unique signatures. Or stamps.

There could be beautiful wizard-y designs on the post card, with the typed/selected messages underneath! Which leads me to another idea. There could be an art contest which decides what goes on the post cards. Any player of any level and age can participate with a piece of wizard101 art (I personally would love this as I am an artist).

A+ Student
Jan 18, 2010
This idea has been suggested a couple times in the past. Based on the post etc. all wizards seemed to agree with it. Of course, there is no difference here.

I believe this would enhance communication greatly, and for Menu Chatters, they would also be given the option to leave messages using Menu Chat!