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Player Help!

Jan 31, 2011
It would be awesome if there was an option in your book that said Player Help chat (on/off). Here are all the different options of it.

(Talking) Text chat, Open chat, or player chat ... all players will get a button near where player chat players go to speak. The new player help button will have many options, here are some "Sure I'll help (choose name)" "Okay, Thanks (choose name)" "Just teleport I'm near the boss (choose name)" "Hey, can anyone please help with (choose quest). Those are only some so I'm sure Kingisle can think of more. One last thing to tell about it is, when talking it acts just like using group chat, you can click on it to talk in it and turn the option off to no longer get messages.

(Where it works) This only works with players in the world you are standing in and doesn't work while in your home. It also works for players in other realms.

(Players) Anyone who has this enabled can be teleported to at any time by anyone but any other option they enabled is true. As long as you have the option on, a player can click on you and request that you help them with a certain quest (this can be text chatted or you can use player chat to tell this player). Once you click it a tiny box will pop up and it will have a red x on the bottom left, a player chat bubble, and a medium sized green done button. For example I choose to tell them what I need help with so I go to the player chat bubble and look for the option to tell a quest you have (which wizard101 already has) so I click on it and it automatically appears in the white center area of the box and I can backspace and still type in it.

Thanks!For reading this and I hope you see the same vision I do because it would be a lot easier to explain in person or to show you my thoughts .

Jul 11, 2013