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Pip Selection

Dec 09, 2010
Does anyone else find it annoying how when you use an X spell it uses up all pips? When I received the Supercharge card I immediately decided not to put it in my deck as I would never use it. I would take the time to build up pips to use it and then I would have to build up pips again. I think it would be easier if we could select how many pips we use for X spells. Maybe once we select the spell there could be 14 numbered white circles underneath the spells and we select the ones we want to use. Obviously if it is a spell of your school and you only have power pips then you wouldn't be able to select an odd number. Likewise if the spell wasn't of your school then you wouldn't be able to use the powerpips and they would only be used as regular pips. What are your thoughts?